Hi! I'm Christine 
I'm a designer of graphics, information, user experience, and user interface.


Champlain College Capstone

*Updated 2015* Prodigy is the result of my senior capstone class at Champlain College. This project came about by noticing a lack of real-world opportunities and resources for innovative young people. Prodigy aims to give young people the chance to pursue and complete a lofty goal, as well as gain experience and connections in a specific field.

For this project, I researched the motives behind mentoring and investing in non-profit companies, as well as what makes a design compelling for two different audiences (in this instance, high school-age students and adults interested in volunteering). Initially, I focused on materials marketed towards the adults, then I expanded the project to include posters geared towards the potential students, and a website for everyone interested in the program.

The updated process book can be viewed here

Winner of Boston AIGA's New Voices, Unique Visions 2014